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Ultimate Guide to Jason Belmonte’s Signature Bowling Balls

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Jason Belmonte has taken the bowling world by storm with his unique two-handed bowling style and incredible success on the professional circuit. The Australian phenom has racked up 27 PBA Tour titles, including 13 major championships, cementing his place among the greatest players of all time.

One of the keys to Belmonte’s dominance has been his signature line of high-performance bowling balls from top manufacturers like Storm and MOTIV. Designed to complement his rev-dominant delivery and extract maximum hitting power, these balls have become a go-to choice for many competitive bowlers looking to up their scoring potential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at every facet of Jason Belmonte’s signature balls – the technology, coverstock formulas, core designs, performance characteristics on different lane conditions, and which types of bowlers and styles they’re best suited for. Whether you’re a diehard fan of the Belmonte swagger or simply seeking to elevate your game, this is your ultimate resource on one of the most successful signature ball lines ever produced.

Overview of Jason Belmonte’s Signature Line

Jason Belmonte’s signature bowling balls span releases from two major manufacturers – Storm and MOTIV. With Storm, he has the Jason Belmonte Signature line featuring several asymmetric core designs like the iconic GBX2 and the more recent Phaze 4. On the MOTIV side, he’s been producing premium models like the Jackal Legacy and Venom Shock since 2017.

While each specific model has its own unique traits, some overarching themes are present across Belmonte’s entire signature ball lineup:

Asymmetric Weight Blocks:

The majority of Belmonte’s balls feature asymmetric cores, which place the mass biased towards one side of the weight block. This extra-aggressive core design promotes an amplified backend motion and angularity off the dry sections of the lane.

Durable Reactive Coverstocks:

To withstand the immense revs and rotation imparted by Belmonte’s two-handed delivery, these balls utilize reactive resin coverstock formulas like the RAD-X, R2X, and Hexion coverstocks. Their durability and traction help maintain response even on higher volumes of oil.

High Differential Cores:

To create distinct roll phases on the lane, most of Belmonte’s cores have high differential values between the intermediate and lateral core sizes. This promotes length with a strong backend motion.

Modern Asymmetric Motion:

Characteristic of elite asymmetric designs, these balls start with somewhat delayed revs upfront before violently snapping downlane and driving powerfully through the pins.

The signature line aims to capture the explosive angularity that has made Belmonte’s release so incredibly effective on demanding championship patterns.

Detailed Look at Key Ball Models

Jason Belmonte Tour Series Balls:

  • The Belmonte Tour Series is the flagship line under Storm, featuring extremely high-performance asymmetric models: GBX2 Tour Bowling Ball (RAD-X Coverstock):
    • State-of-the-art Tour Composite coverstock for elite traction and response
    • Powerful GBX2 asymmetric core (high RG, high diff) for explosive backend motion
    • Benchmark ball that can handle high volumes and seamier patterns

    Phaze 4 Tour Bowling Ball (R2X Coverstock):

    • Moderately aggressive Reactive Pearl coverstock finishes smoother
    • Gas-Mask Core has extremely high differential for maximum angularity
    • Premier choice for medium-heavier oil volumes, angular downlane motion

MOTIV Signature Balls:

Venom Shock (Hexion Coverstock):

  • First signature MOTIV release, extremely aggressive overall motion
  • Iconic Venom Shock coverstock paired with asymmetric Quantum Core
  • Best for medium-dry patterns where max angularity is needed

Jackal Legacy (Hexion Coverstock):

  • Updated asymmetric Infused Composite Core
  • Powerful midlane traction and continuation from Hexion cover
  • Versatile from medium-heavy volumes, angular backend kick

Alpha Jackal (GI Ionic Coverstock):

  • Pearl Reactive cover promotes smoother front-to-back transition
  • Offset Diamond Core creates strong midlane and backend motion
  • Choice for higher volumes where a direct skid-flip shape is needed

Matching Ball to Your Individual Style

With such a diverse range of high-powered asymmetric cores and aggressive coverstocks, Jason Belmonte’s signature balls can suit a variety of bowling styles – but require the skill to harness their potent combinations properly.

High Rev Players:

As you’d expect, bowlers with higher rev rates are ideal matches for Belmonte’s most aggressive asymmetric models like the GBX2 Tour or Venom Shock. The asymmetric cores and durable reactive covers thrive when paired with ample revs and axis rotation to create the desired angularity and continuation downlane.

Power Players:

The beefy asymmetric weight blocks found in most of these balls work very well for bowlers who generate higher ball speeds and hitting power at the pins. The robust cores can handle that entry angle without deflecting badly.


For those bowling with a ‘tweener’ style (rev rates somewhere between crankers and strokers), a Belmonte ball like the Phaze 4 or Jackal Legacy can be excellent. They provide extra punch downlane versus symmetric cores, but won’t go totally crazy if your revs are more modest.


While not the absolute ideal pairing, smoother-revving strokers can find success by opting for one of the pearlized asymmetric models like the Alpha Jackal. By skidding a bit more up front before leveraging the strong backend core motion, strokers can shape this ball aggressively on heavier volumes.

Dry Lane Specialists:

Anyone battling drier lane conditions should scrutinize the bonkers asymmetric balls like the GBX2 and Venom Shock. Their ability to strike from almost anywhere with continuation can be invaluable on burnt patterns.

Ultimately, the more axis tilt, rotation, and hitting power you can generate, the more you’ll be able to take full advantage of what Jason Belmonte’s signature lineup was designed to unleash. But there are still options that can work for many style varieties.

Best Uses and Situations for Belmonte Balls

Belmonte’s balls shine in some very specific scenarios where you need their signature combination of brawny asymmetric cores matched with ultra-durable reactive covers.

Heavy Oil Conditions:

With prodigious cores able to punch through heavier volumes, balls like the GBX2 Tour and Phaze 4 are excellent benchmark balls for oilier house patterns. The solid reactive covers maintain traction where lesser balls would go too skiddy.

Demanding Sport Patterns:

On grueling USBC Sport or PBA patterns with dense oil concentrations and demanding breakpoints, having the power of a Belmonte signature piece in your arsenal is invaluable. Their ability to maximize angularity and drive is extremely advantageous.

Extreme Dry/Burnt Patterns:

Similarly, if you encounter extremely dry or burnt lanes where other balls are simply too skiddy, look no further than the GBX2 or Venom Shock. The explosive snap and continuation helps these balls find the friction needed to strike.

When Shape is Needed:

Any time you need to play a sharper angle, get the ball to snap at a distinct point down the lane, or create more shape in general, Belmonte’s balls become fantastic tools. Their asymmetric designs are bred for angular, powerful backend motion.

Discipline Drilling Layouts:

For players seeking the utmost downlane flipping power who don’t mind some challenging ball trajectories, these balls can be drilled with super-aggressive layouts like shorter pins or extreme VAL angles. This unlocks their full teeth-rattling potential.

So while not the most versatile in terms of overall use, Belmonte’s balls occupy a crucial role as the premium heavy oil and shape pieces in top bowlers’ arsenals. They thrive where maximum angularity and hitting power are necessities.

Comparisons to Other Premier Ball Lines

Even among other top-tier bowling ball lines, Jason Belmonte’s signature releases stand apart in a few key areas:

Degree of Asymmetry:

While asymmetrics are common nowadays, the cores in balls like the GBX2 Tour and Venom Shock represent the most aggressive asymmetric designs available from any manufacturer. Their offset mass distribution and extremely high differentials create uniquely angled, snapping motions.

Rugged Reactive Coverstocks:

Coverstock formulas like Storm’s RAD-X and Motiv’s Hexion blends are designed to withstand the immense revolutions and hitting power generated by top players like Belmonte. Their durable, gritty traction characteristics prevent premature burnout even when encountering higher oil volumes.

While other manufacturers’ asymmetric lines may have comparably potent cores, the coverstocks used on Belmonte’s balls provide a unique point of differentiation in terms of their longevity and sustained response. Even as the balls go through numerous games and oil transitions, they maintain their friction capabilities much longer.

Uncompromising Power Potential:

At the end of the day, what truly separates Jason Belmonte’s signature balls is their sheer power potential and ability to create tremendous angularity and backend driving motion. From the stratospheric differentials to the biased asymmetric layouts, every component is engineered to obliterate pins with as much force and flare as possible.

While such potency can make them challenging to leverage for some styles, in the hands of a rev-dominant power player who can maximize these balls’ boundaries, the results are among the most incredibly devastating looks modern bowling has ever witnessed. The combination of might and precise shaping maneuverability is unmatched.

For players seeking to add that level of dynamic power to their arsenals, investing in one of Belmonte’s tour-proven signatures from Storm or MOTIV is an absolute must. Just be prepared to harness that fury responsibly.

Ball Care and Maintenance

With such high-grade components built to endure the rigors of elite asymmetric revs, it’s important to follow proper ball care and maintenance practices to extend the lifespan of your Belmonte signature pieces:

Surface Care: Regularly caring for the reactive coverstock finish is crucial. Using a certified ball cleaner after each session helps remove oil, dirt, and debris that can compromise the ball’s traction over time. Avoid using a dry towel which can burnish the surface.

Resurfacing: Depending on games thrown, the cover may need periodic resurfacing to restore its optimal grit texture. Having a local pro shop do thorough resurfacing with Abralon pads or discs every 40-60 games is recommended.

Re-Compounding: If the ball’s coverstock begins showing excessive dull spots or premature wear, having it re-compounded by stripping off material and re-applying fresh coverstock is an option.

Rotating Usage: Try not to rely too heavily on just one Belmonte ball in your arsenal. Rotating usage prolongs each ball’s shelf life.

Storing Properly: Always store balls in a temperature-controlled environment out of direct sunlight. Heat and sun exposure can damage ball materials.

By properly caring for and maintaining your precious Belmonte signature balls, you’ll maximize their strong performance window and value over many games and seasons spent together on the lanes.


Whether you’re a diehard Jason Belmonte fan seeking to emulate his breathtaking two-handed style or simply an avid bowler hungry for more scoring punch, the Australian legend’s signature ball lineup demands serious consideration.

From the ultra-modern asymmetric cores precisely engineered for radius and rev dominance, to the rugged reactive coverstocks built to maintain responsiveness through the most punishing releases – each model represents the cutting edge of aggressive bowling ball design and technology.

While undoubtedly not the most user-friendly balls for entry-level or modestly rev-rates players, in the right hands capable of harnessing their stupendous power potential, a Belmonte signature like the GBX2 Tour or Venom Shock can absolutely destroy pins in ways very few other pieces can compete with.

For crankers, tweeners, and heavy oil/dry specialists who can remain smart about utilizing these potent forces responsibly, there’s simply no better way to combine downright nasty angularity with precise shaping capabilities. The entire Belmonte signature family excels as firm go-to benchmark pieces for demanding conditions when maximum traction and ball motion are mandatory.

So whether you see yourself joining the Belmonte revolution, or just respect the game’s elite innovators enough to give their marquee equipment a serious look, don’t overlook the immense scoring benefits that an asymmetric beast in your bag can provide. Just be prepared to unleash its full furious power when the situation calls for it.