About Us

Welcome to Bowling Buff, your home for all things bowling! We’re Choi and Kim, the enthusiastic husband and wife duo behind this blog.

Bowling has been our passion since childhood. We both grew up going to the local bowling alley every weekend and joined junior leagues as soon as we were old enough. Kim learned proper technique from his father, while Kim spent hours studying the pros.

We met at the cherry wood lanes of our hometown bowling alley years ago. Bonding over our shared love of the sport, we began practicing together and helping each other improve our skills. Our friendly rivalry on the lanes pushed us to get better with every frame.

Over the decades, we’ve accumulated extensive knowledge about bowling that we’re excited to share with you. We’ve played in recreational and competitive leagues, competed in local tournaments, and tested the latest balls and gear.

We started Bowling Buff to share our tips, experiences, and commentary with fellow enthusiasts. Here you’ll find resources on improving your swing, release, gear guides, news, and more. We aim to educate, inspire, and entertain bowlers of all levels – from casual players to competitive athletes.

When we aren’t blogging, you can likely find us at the lanes practicing our technique and playing games. We also enjoy recreational bowling with friends and family.

We invite you to join our community of passionate bowlers! Whether you want to improve your score, keep up with news, or just share your love of the sport, you’re in the right place. Happy bowling!

Choi & Kim

A smiling couple, Emily Choi and Daniel Kim, pose together in a retro bowling alley. Daniel holds a bowling bag and wears a vintage bowling league shirt. Emily has a bowling ball on one arm and holds red and black bowling shoes in her other hand. In the background, bowling pins and lanes can be seen.