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How Much is Bowling at Main Event? A Complete Pricing Guide

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Looking for a fun night out bowling with family or friends? With locations across the country, Main Event is one of the most popular places to go bowling, play arcade games, and enjoy great food and drinks.

But if you’re planning a bowling outing at Main Event, one question you might have is: how much is it going to cost?

Bowling prices and packages can vary depending on when you go, which location you visit, how many games you want to play, and more factors.

To help you figure out how much bowling costs at Main Event, this guide will break down the pricing for standard bowling games, shoe rentals, party packages, and other bowling services. We’ll also give tips to save money on your Main Event bowling trip!

Standard Bowling Rates at Main Event

The basic cost for bowling one game at Main Event is $5.49 per person, per game on weekdays (Monday to Friday open to close).

On weekends and “Prime Time” hours (after 9 pm on Fridays, all day Saturday, and after 8 pm on Sundays), the standard bowling rate goes up to $6.49 per game.

This gets you one game with scoring on digital monitors above the lanes. You can also rent bowling shoes for an additional $4.49 per person.

So for one person to bowl a single game with shoe rental on a weekday, it would cost $9.98 total. The cost for one game on a weekend with rented shoes would be $10.98.

The cost is slightly less for kids under 48 inches tall. Their bowling game rate is $3.99 on weekdays or $4.99 on weekends and Prime Time. Kids’ shoe rental is $2.99. So one child’s game with shoes on a weekday would be $6.98 total.

Unlimited Bowling Packages

While paying per game is one option, you can get a better deal with Main Event’s unlimited bowling packages. This allows you to bowl as many games as you want within a set block of time.

Here are the unlimited bowling rates:

  • Weekday Daytime (open to 5PM) – $12.99 per person
  • Weekday Evening (after 5PM) – $16.99 per person
  • Weekend/Prime Time – $22.99 per person
  • Kids under 48 inches – $9.99 per person any time

As you can see, the weekday daytime package gives you the lowest unlimited bowling rates. But you can bowl a lot more games for your money with any of the unlimited packages compared to paying per game.

For example, if two adults went on a Saturday afternoon, bowling two games each with shoe rental would cost $43.92 ($10.98 per game x 2 games x 2 people).

But by paying $22.99 each for the Weekend Unlimited Package, they could bowl for hours and get way more bowling.

Late Night and Early Bird Bowling Specials

In addition to the standard packages, Main Event offers some special unlimited bowling rates during off-peak times:

  • Late Night Bowling (9PM to close) – $12.99 per person, $6.99 for kids
  • Early Bird Bowling (open to Noon) – $9.99 per person Monday-Friday

These limited-time packages allow you to take advantage of unused lanes and slower hours to get in extra bowling on the cheap.

Late nights like Fridays or Saturdays can be a great time to plan a group outing and take advantage of these low bowling prices.

VIP Bowling Packages

If you want to go all-out for a special event, Main Event has some premium VIP bowling packages available as well:

  • VIP Fast Lane – Includes unlimited bowling and a dedicated attendant. The cost is $34.99 per person on weekends/$24.99 weekdays.
  • Ultra VIP – Has all Fast Lane perks plus luxury seating with cocktail service. $54.99 per person weekends/$44.99 weekdays.

These packages get you your own VIP bowling attendant, shoe delivery, food/drink delivery service, and more. It’s perfect for birthday parties or corporate events when you want to upgrade the experience.

Bowlero Loyalty Program Discounts

Signing up for a Bowlero Passport account and loyalty program (free to join) can help you save money on Main Event bowling. Perks for program members include:

  • $2 off regular games
  • $1 off shoe rentals
  • 15% off food and drinks
  • Earn points to redeem for free games and more rewards

On a $ 10-weekday bowling game with shoes, the $2 game and $1 shoe discount would make it just $7 total – saving 30% off regular pricing. The program is definitely worth joining if you plan to bowl at Main Event regularly.

Bowling Party Packages

Hosting a birthday party or corporate event at Main Event? They offer bowling party packages to make planning and budgeting easy.

Here are some of the most popular bowling party options with pricing:

  • The Spare Package – 2 hours of bowling, shoes, invitations, balloons, dedicated party host. Starts at $159.99 for 6 people on weekdays.
  • Strike Package – 2 hours bowling, shoes, food/beverage voucher, plus extras from Spare Package. Starts at $209.99 for 6 people.
  • Perfect Game Package – Unlimited bowling, shoes, Arcade Game Play cards, food, and more upgrades. Starts at $329.99 for 6 on weekdays.
  • Group Events – Customize bowling, food, and extras for corporate parties, team building, etc. Call for group pricing.

Keep in mind there is usually a minimum cost of around $150-200 to book a private party section. And you’ll need to pay a deposit when reserving – usually $50-100 that goes toward the total cost. Factor in gratuity and extras like goody bags when budgeting the total price.

How to Save Money on Main Event Bowling

If you want to get the most bang for your buck on bowling at Main Event, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Go during discounted Early Bird or Late Night times – you can save 25-50% off compared to peak times.
  • Take advantage of weekday rates when available versus paying weekend/Prime Time premium pricing.
  • Sign up for the Bowlero Passport program to earn discounts on games, shoes, and food.
  • Book Group Events packages for the best group rates on parties over 6 people.
  • Share lanes and take turns bowling to split the costs with friends.
  • Skip the VIP packages and upgrades to avoid upcharges. Stick to basic Unlimited Packages.
  • Check Main Event’s website for coupon codes which sometimes offer $5-10 off bowling packages.
  • Join the email list for special offers sent right to your inbox.
  • Don’t forget to budget for taxes! There is usually sales tax added to the base pricing.

No matter when you plan to go bowling at Main Event, keep these tips in mind to keep the cost reasonable for your budget.

Main Event Bowling Prices: The Bottom Line

So what’s the bottom line on bowling costs at Main Event? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Pay-per-game bowling runs $5.49-$6.49 per person plus $4.49 for shoe rental
  • Unlimited bowling packages give you the best value at $12.99-$22.99 per person
  • Late-night and early bird specials can save 25-50% off unlimited bowling
  • Book group packages starting at $159 for events with 6+ people
  • Joining the loyalty program scores discounts around 15% or more

While not the cheapest option for bowling out there, Main Event offers a fun, upscale atmosphere for everything from casual family nights to lavish birthday parties.

By avoiding peak times and sticking to basic packages, you can bowl at Main Event without breaking the bank.

So grab those bowling shoes, pick up a ball, and head to Main Event for your next night of family fun or group celebration.

Just be sure to check their latest pricing and take advantage of any available deals to maximize the fun. With the right planning, you can have an affordable and unforgettable time bowling at your local Main Event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Huntsville have a bowling alley?

Yes, Huntsville has several bowling alleys, including Pinz, Spare Time Entertainment, Main Event Huntsville and Bowlmor Lanes Huntsville. Main Event has a large location in Huntsville with bowling, laser tag, arcade games and more.

What company owns main event?

Main Event Entertainment Group is owned by Ardent Leisure Group, which is one of the largest owners and operators of bowling centers and family entertainment centers in the world. Headquartered in Australia, Ardent Leisure acquired Main Event in 2015.

Can you bring your own bowling ball to a bowling alley?

Most bowling alleys will allow you to bring your own ball to use for open bowling. However, house balls are still usually provided. Call ahead to make sure outside balls are permitted. The ball must meet USBC specifications regarding weight, balance, hardness, etc.

How much is bowling at Carnival?

Bowling prices at Carnival Cruise Line’s onboard bowling alleys start at around $5 per person per game. The cost ranges from $4.75-$5.50 per game depending on the cruise ship and sailing. Shoe rental is included in the per game rate on Carnival.

How much did Main Event sell for?

When Ardent Leisure Group acquired Main Event Entertainment from founder Charlie Keegan in 2015, the purchase price was reported at $80.4 million USD. This gave Ardent Leisure ownership of Main Event’s portfolio of centers at the time of sale.

Does Main Event own Dave and Busters?

No, Main Event and Dave & Buster’s are separate companies and competitors in the entertainment center industry. Main Event is owned by Ardent Leisure while Dave & Buster’s is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ under the ticker PLAY.

What is the difference between Dave and Busters and Main Event?

While both offer food, drinks, bowling, arcade games and more, some key differences are:

  • Main Event has more bowling lanes on average while Dave & Buster’s has larger game arcades.
  • Main Event offers full-service dining while Dave & Buster’s has more bar-style food.
  • Main Event locations are more family/kid oriented. Dave & Buster’s appeals more to young adults.
  • Dave & Buster’s has billiards and shuffleboard tables which Main Event lacks.
  • Main Event does not serve alcohol at all locations, unlike Dave & Buster’s.

So in summary, while they share similarities as entertainment centers, their specific offerings, branding, and target demographics differ.