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50 Hilarious and Funny Bowling Team Names to Impress Your Friends

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Having a great team name is essential for any bowling league or tournament. Not only does it help build camaraderie and team spirit, but a clever, funny team name can also make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered long after the final frame is rolled.

Whether you’re starting a new bowling team or looking to breathe new life into an existing one, choosing the perfect name can be a fun and creative process. From punny plays on words to pop culture references, the opportunities for funny bowling team names are endless.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 hilarious, pun-filled bowling team name ideas to inspire you and your teammates. Get ready to have your fellow bowlers rolling with laughter (and hopefully a few strikes) when you take the lanes with one of these clever monikers. Let’s strike up some fun!

Funny Bowling Team Name Ideas

  1. “Spare Us the Puns” – This play on words is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of the team’s tendency to make puns and dad jokes. It’s a fun way to set the tone for a lighthearted, good-humored team.
  2. “Pin Pals” – Sometimes the simplest bowling puns are the best. “Pin Pals” is a clever, punny name that immediately evokes the sport of bowling.
  3. “Roll Tide” – A humorous twist on the popular sports chant, “Roll Tide” is a punny nod to the team’s bowling prowess and competitive spirit.
  4. “The Bowling Stones” – This name riffs on the iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones, with a bowling-themed spin. It’s a fun, music-inspired option that’s sure to get people’s attention.
  5. “Pins and Needles” – This name captures the anticipation and excitement of bowling. It has a touch of tension and nervousness, but in a playful, good-natured way.
  6. “Bowlin’ for Dollars” – For the team that takes their bowling seriously (and isn’t afraid to win some cash), “Bowlin’ for Dollars” is a punny reference to the high stakes of competitive bowling.
  7. “Strike Force” – A classic bowling team name that emphasizes the team’s power and precision on the lanes. “Strike Force” conveys a sense of strength and determination.
  8. “Gutter Ballers” – This name puts a humorous spin on the occasional bowling mishap. It’s a lighthearted way to embrace the ups and downs of the sport.
  9. “Split Ends” – A pun that plays on the hairstyling term “split ends,” this name is a clever nod to the team’s bowling skills and shared sense of humor.
  10. “Bowlicious” – For the team that’s as tasty as their bowling skills, “Bowlicious” is a punny, confidence-boosting name that’s sure to get people talking.
  11. “Pins and Tonic” – This name puts a boozy twist on the classic bowling theme, hinting at the team’s penchant for celebrating their strikes (and commiserating their gutter balls) with a refreshing beverage.
  12. “Bowling Bombs” – With its explosive, action-packed vibe, “Bowling Bombs” is a team name that evokes the powerful, high-energy nature of the sport.
  13. “Spare Parts” – A clever pun that plays on the bowling term “spare” and the idea of being a team of diverse individuals, “Spare Parts” is a fun, quirky name option.
  14. “Ball Busters” – For the team that’s not afraid to take their bowling game seriously (and have a little fun with innuendo), “Ball Busters” is a bold, attention-grabbing name.
  15. “Bowlieve in Magic” – This name puts a magical, whimsical spin on the sport of bowling, hinting at the team’s ability to pull off seemingly impossible shots.
  16. “Bowled and the Beautiful” – A play on the popular soap opera title, “Bowled and the Beautiful” is a clever, tongue-in-cheek nod to the team’s good looks and bowling prowess.
  17. “Bowling Belles” – A classic, feminine-leaning name that celebrates the team’s skill and style on the lanes, “Bowling Belles” is a charming option.
  18. “Pinups” – This name puts a retro, pinup-inspired twist on the sport of bowling, evoking images of vintage style and high-scoring strikes.
  19. “Bowlin’ Babes” Similar to “Bowling Belles,” “Bowlin’ Babes” – is a fun, playful name that highlights the team’s bowling talents and overall coolness.
  20. “Gutterflies” – A clever combination of “gutter” and “butterflies,” this name captures the nervous excitement of bowling in a lighthearted, whimsical way.
  21. “Lotta Balls” – For the team that’s not afraid to embrace a bit of innuendo, “Lotta Balls” is a punny, humorous name that’s sure to get a few laughs.
  22. “Alley Cats” – This name taps into the feline-inspired spirit of the sport, evoking images of smooth, agile bowlers prowling the lanes.
  23. “Bowlin’ Bombers” With its military-inspired vibe, “Bowlin’ Bombers” is a team name that suggests power, precision, and a serious commitment to the game.
  24. “Spare Change” – A pun that plays on the bowling term “spare” and the idea of finding loose change, this name has a quirky, lighthearted charm.
  25. “Bowling Bums” – For the team that’s all about embracing the casual, laid-back culture of bowling, “Bowling Bums” is a name that captures that vibe.
  26. “Spare Tires” – This pun-filled name is a clever nod to the team’s ability to bounce back from gutter balls and spare frames.
  27. “Pinheads” – A classic bowling pun that embraces the sport’s terminology in a humorous, good-natured way, “Pinheads” is a team name that’s sure to get a few laughs.
  28. “Bowling Green” – This name plays on the idea of a lush, well-manicured bowling green, hinting at the team’s precision and skill on the lanes.
  29. “Bowlicious Babes” – Building on the “Bowlicious” theme, this name adds a touch of feminine flair and confidence to the bowling team name.
  30. “Pin Pushers” – A punny take on the act of knocking down pins, “Pin Pushers” is a team name that suggests the squad’s relentless determination on the lanes.
  31. “Pinup Pals” – This name combines the vintage, pinup-inspired aesthetic with the camaraderie and friendship of a bowling team.
  32. “Bowling Bullies” – For the team that’s not afraid to intimidate the competition, “Bowling Bullies” is a name that conveys power and dominance on the lanes.
  33. “Pin Pimps” – A slightly edgier, more irreverent take on the bowling team name, “Pin Pimps” is a name that embraces the sport’s slightly seedy, underground vibe.
  34. “Bowluminati” – This name taps into the mysterious, secretive vibe of the Illuminati, hinting at the team’s bowling prowess and “insider” knowledge of the sport.
  35. “Bowlin’ Beauties” – A team name that celebrates the grace, style, and skill of the bowlers, “Bowlin’ Beauties” is a confident, feminine-leaning option.
  36. “Bowling Bandits” – With its outlaw-inspired edge, “Bowling Bandits” is a team name that suggests a sense of mischief, rule-breaking, and competitive spirit.
  37. “Pins and Aces” – This name plays on the idea of high-scoring bowling prowess, hinting that the team is full of ace bowlers who consistently knock down pins.
  38. “The Bowlgorians” – A clever play on the term “Boglodytes,” this name puts a sci-fi, alien-inspired spin on the sport of bowling.
  39. “Bowlin’ Ballers” – For the team that exudes confidence, style, and a touch of swagger on the lanes, “Bowlin’ Ballers” is a name that captures that vibe.
  40. “Bowling Ninjas” – This name taps into the stealthy, precision-driven nature of both bowling and the ancient Japanese martial art, hinting at the team’s lightning-fast skills.
  41. “Bowlin’ Vixens” – A name that blends the classic bowling theme with a touch of sultry, femme fatale energy, “Bowlin’ Vixens” is a bold, attention-grabbing option.
  42. “Pinbusters” – Playing on the idea of busting through pins, this name suggests the team’s ability to dominate the lanes and rack up the strikes.
  43. “Bowlin’ Bomshells” – A play on the term “bombshell,” this name combines the bowling theme with a nod to the team’s good looks and undeniable coolness.
  44. “Pins and Puns” – This name directly embraces the team’s love of wordplay and puns, hinting that they’re not afraid to get a little punny on the lanes.
  45. “Bowlin’ Bullies” Similar to “Bowling Bullies,” this name conveys a sense of power, intimidation, and fierce competitive spirit.
  46. “Pinup Punishers” – A name that blends the vintage pinup aesthetic with the team’s bowling prowess and ability to “punish” the pins, this option is bold and attention-grabbing.
  47. “Pinspiration” – This name taps into the idea of bowling as a source of inspiration and motivation, hinting that the team is fueled by their love of the sport.
  48. “Bowlin’ Bombshells” – Another take on the “bombshell” theme, this name celebrates the team’s bowling skills and undeniable style.
  49. “Pin Pushers and Shakers” – A play on the classic bowling terminology, this name suggests the team’s ability to shake up the competition and push the pins down.
  50. “Bowlin’ Betties” – Rounding out the list, “Bowlin’ Betties” is a fun, retro-inspired name that captures the team’s bowling prowess and overall coolness.

Tips for Choosing a Great Bowling Team Name

Coming up with the perfect bowling team name can be a fun and rewarding process, but it’s important to keep a few key considerations in mind:

Brainstorm Puns and Wordplay

One of the best ways to come up with a clever, memorable bowling team name is to start with puns and wordplay. Think about bowling-related terms, phrases, or even pop culture references that you can twist and turn into something punny and humorous.

For example, “Spare Tires,” “Pin Heads,” or “The Bowlingtons” are all examples of puns that play on bowling terminology or concepts. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stretch the limits of your punning abilities!

Keep it Family-Friendly

While the goal is to come up with a funny, eye-catching team name, it’s important to ensure that it remains appropriate for all ages and audiences.

Steer clear of anything too crude, vulgar, or potentially offensive. The best bowling team names are clever and humorous without crossing the line into inappropriate territory.

Consider Team Branding and Uniformity

If your bowling team plans to participate in leagues or tournaments, you’ll want to choose a name that lends itself well to team branding and uniforms. A cohesive, visually striking team identity can help you stand out on the lanes and build camaraderie among your teammates.

Think about how the name would look on jerseys, team banners, or other promotional materials. Opt for a name that is relatively short, easy to remember, and has a fun, eye-catching vibe.

Have Fun and Get Creative!

At the end of the day, coming up with a bowling team name should be a fun, collaborative process. Embrace your team’s sense of humor and personality, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The more creative and unique your team name is, the more memorable and enjoyable it will be for everyone involved.


A memorable, clever bowling team name can make all the difference in building team spirit, camaraderie, and a lasting impression on your fellow bowlers.

Whether you opt for a punny play on words, a pop culture reference, or a simple, bowling-themed moniker, the right team name can take your bowling experience to the next level.

We hope this list of 50 hilarious and creative bowling team name ideas has inspired you and your teammates to find the perfect name for your squad. Remember to keep it family-friendly, consider team branding, and most importantly, have fun with the process!

So gather your team, put on your bowling shoes, and get ready to strike up some laughs on the lanes with your new, unforgettable team name. Good luck, and may the pins (and the puns) be ever in your favor!