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The Top 10 Fun Bowling Drinking Games to Play at Your Next Party

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Looking for some wild, wacky ways to spice up your next bowling night with friends? Combine bowling and drinking with these 10 fun bowling drinking games that are sure to make your next party unforgettable!

Bowling and alcohol may not seem like the most obvious pairing, but bowling drinking games have become increasingly popular, especially among college kids and young adults looking to enhance the bowling experience.

The bowling alley provides a lively, high-energy environment that lends itself perfectly to drinking games. You’ve got the sound of crashing pins, lively music, and dim mood lighting – it makes for an awesome party atmosphere.

Bowling drinking games help liven things up and get the drinks flowing. They add a whole new hilarious dynamic to knocking down pins. Some bowling drinking games have simple rules – like taking a drink when you gutter. Others add creative twists by incorporating cards, dice, pong cups, and more into bowling!

So grab your crew, hit the lanes, and get your drink on with these fun bowling-drinking games! Just remember to party responsibly and arrange a safe ride home.

  1. Beer Frame

Beer Frame is one of the most popular bowling drinking games for getting the party started fast. As you may have guessed, Beer Frame incorporates drinking beer into every frame bowled.

Here’s how to play:

  • Each bowler must drink a full beer every frame – so a total of 10 beers in a regular game!
  • The player that finishes their beer first in the frame gets a strike. The slowest has to drink again.
  • If you don’t finish in time, your partial frame doesn’t count. Hurry up and chug!
  • Get creative with beer choices – light beers, ales, lagers. Bring a variety!

As you can imagine, Beer Frame becomes pretty wild by the later frames. Bowlers are racing to gulp down brews while bowling strikes in between. Things get sloppy, fast. If you can make it all 10 frames, you are a true Beer Frame champion!

  1. Gutter Ball

Gutter Ball is probably the most well-known bowling drinking game. The rules are as simple as they get:

  • Each time a player rolls a gutter ball, they must take a drink.

Not the most creative game, but still a bowling classic. It helps take some of the frustration out of constantly hitting the gutter. The more you miss, the drunker you get!

To make things more interesting, you can:

  • Count each gutter ball as a big drink or a shot
  • Pick specific pins that require a drink when missed
  • Make groups of pins like the edges that require drinking when missed

Spice it up however you like! The basic concept is – turn your misses into drinks.

  1. Bowling Beer Pong

If you’re looking to combine all your favorite drinking games, look no further than Bowling Beer Pong. This unique game brings together the most popular party pastimes – bowling and beer pong.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up 6-10 giant pong cups or pins at the end of the bowling lane.
  • Take turns bowling at the cups, just like in beer pong.
  • If you sink a cup, the other team has to drink it.
  • You can also assign certain cups more drinks.
  • When all cups are sunk, the losing team has to drink all the accumulated drinks.

This game literally merges bowling with the classic party game beer pong. The giant pong cups at the end of the lane add a whole new bowling twist. Sinking cups with a bowling ball takes serious skill – and serious drinks when you miss!

  1. Drunk Bowling

As the name implies, Drunk Bowling is all about getting seriously intoxicated – fast. Here’s the gist:

  • Assign silly drinking rules to different pins

For example:

  • 7 pin: Take 7 drinks
  • 3 pin: Take 3 drinks
  • Headpin: Finish your drink
  • 10 pin: Waterfall drink (start drinking, don’t stop)
  • Make up any rules you want. Get creative and crazy!
  • Knock down that pin? Follow its drinking rule.
  • Mark pins with stickers to remember the rules.

With Drunk Bowling, every fallen pin requires guzzling down alcohol. The drunker you get, the worse you’ll bowl – which only means more drinking. It’s a downward spiral into drunken bowling chaos!

  1. Strike Out

Strike Out puts the pressure on whoever is bowling well. Here are the rules:

  • If a bowler knocks down all 10 pins for a strike in 2 consecutive frames, every other player has to drink.
  • If a bowler gets 3 strikes in a row, they can make up a rule that the rest of the players have to follow.


  • All other players have to drink twice when they miss a pin
  • No one can say a certain word, or they have to drink
  • Everyone has to talk in a funny accent

With Strike Out, you wanna avoid the hot bowler who can’t miss. Consecutive strikes mean bad news for your sobriety. But 3 turkey strikes in a row? You might as well hand over control of the game.

  1. Kingpin

The headpin – also known as the kingpin – is the only fully visible pin. Knocking down the kingpin has special meaning in the drinking game Kingpin:

  • If you knock down only the headpin, and no other pins, you must take a drink.
  • If you knock down every pin except the headpin, then you can distribute drinks to other players.

In other words:

  • Headpin standing = you drink
  • Headpin fallen = give drinks

It sounds simple, but knocking down just the headpin requires precision. You’ll probably end up drinking over and over due to those lone headpin strikes. Look out for the bowler who can pick off every pin but the kingpin – they’ll be forcing drinks on everyone!

  1. Scatter Pins Bowling

For Scatter Pins, the setup is key:

  • The bowling alley must use auto-scoring with sweepers – not old-school manual reset.
  • After each frame, the sweeper will completely scatter the pins all over the lane.

Now here are the drinking rules:

  • Every standing pin you knock over is worth taking a drink.
  • So if you bowl a strike scattered across the lane, that’s 10 drinks for you!

With the pins all over the place, it’s almost impossible to avoid plowing down at least a few each frame. Even strikes become difficult with pins way off the spot. Scatter Pins is a surefire way to get totally hammered bowling.

  1. Bottle Bowling

For Bottle Bowling, replace the bowling pins with empty beer bottles:

  • Set 10 bottles upright at the end of each lane.
  • Use a mix of bottle sizes and types – beer bottles, 40oz, wine bottles, etc.
  • Players bowl at the bottles as usual.
  • If you knock down a bottle, your opponent has to drink the amount that was in the bottle.
  • Clear all 10 bottles to win the game.

Since the fallen “pins” were actually vessels for alcohol, your opponent has to drink the imagined contents – either guzzle air for small bottles or chug for 40oz’s. Get ready to hallucinate some epic slam downs!

  1. Bowling Ball Roulette

Bowling Ball Roulette adds booze-filled fate to each roll:

  • Number all the bowling balls from 1 to 8.
  • Before bowling, a player spins the roulette wheel.
  • They have to bowl with whatever numbered ball it lands on.
  • After they bowl, the player takes as many drinks as the number on the ball.

So if it lands on 8, you better grab the #8 ball and be ready to guzzle 8 drinks after you bowl. This game transforms bowling into a drunken game of chance.

  1. Bowling Bingo

For Bowling Bingo, make bingo cards filled with crazy drinking tasks:

  • Create a 5×5 bingo card filled with drinks – like 1 shot, 2 beers, 3 sips, etc.
  • Assign each box a number 1-10, randomly.
  • As you bowl, mark off numbers you knock down.
  • Get 5 in a row to win! Complete the whole card to make a rule.

You can make bingo cards with other drinking tasks like:

  • Truth or dare
  • Never have I ever questions
  • Would you rather choices

Bowling Bingo adds the classic party game into the mix, giving bowlers serious drinking challenges beyond just hitting pins. Bring a stack of cards and get ready for drunken bingo mania!

Now Get Out There and Bowl Your Brains Out!

There you have it – 10 wild bowling drinking games that are sure to make your next group outing ridiculously fun. Just be sure to drink responsibly and arrange for safe transportation.

Bowling drinking games break up the more serious competition and bring out people’s goofy sides. Combining bowling and drinking is the perfect recipe for a night of crazy, sloppy fun with friends.

So rally your crew, hit the bowling alley, and be prepared for a night filled with insane drinking, bowling hijinks, and seriously good times. The wildest nights happen when bowling balls and booze come together!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make bowling more fun?

  • Incorporate drinking games like assigning drinks to pins or frames.
  • Play music and dim the lights to create a party atmosphere.
  • Compete in teams or pairs rather than individually.
  • Use colorful or patterned bowling balls to make things more interesting.
  • Give out fun prizes to winners, best costume, most strikes, etc.

How do you play finger bowl?

Finger Bowl:

  • Each person inserts a finger into the bowling ball hole before they bowl.
  • After their turn, they must drink for the number of seconds equal to the number of fingers in the ball.
  • So 1 finger = 1 second drink, 2 fingers = 2 second drink, etc.

What is the game with the ball for drinking?

  • Beer Ball is a popular drinking game that involves bouncing a ping pong ball into a cup of beer across the table/floor.
  • If the ball lands in the beer, the opponent has to drink it.
  • There are also bowling variations like Bottle Bowling and Bowling Ball Roulette.

What is the drinking game where you drink every minute?

  • 60 Seconds is a fast-paced drinking game where players start drinking at the start of a minute, and cannot stop until the minute ends.
  • A new minute starts and players chug their drinks for 60 seconds straight, with no break.

How do you make bowling more fun for adults?

  • Set up fun bowling drinking games.
  • Dress up in goofy costumes or funky bowling shirts.
  • Play music and bring food to have a full party experience.
  • Compete in teams with names and chants.
  • Give out silly prizes for strikes, gutter balls, best form, etc.

What is bingo bowling?

  • In Bingo Bowling, players mark off random bowling tasks on a bingo card as they bowl frames.
  • Get 5 in a row to win. Tasks can include taking drinks, doing dares, answering questions.

What is the 10 fingers drinking game?

  • Players count to 3 then put out 1-10 fingers.
  • Everyone else must drink for the number of fingers shown total.
  • So if 3 people show 8, 4, and 6 fingers, that’s 18 drinks total to be distributed.

How do you play the thumbs drinking game?

  • Players put their thumbs on the table edge and rapidly alternate tapping up and down.
  • When someone messes up their thumb rhythm, they must drink.
  • The speed increases each round until all players are eliminated.

How do you play party bowl?

Party Bowl:

  • Each player writes a mini drinking challenge on a slip of paper, like “talk in an accent” or “compliment everyone”.
  • The challenges go into a bucket. Knock down a pin, pull a challenge, and complete it!